Zedco Advertising

Founded in 2004 , ZEDCO Advertising  is a comprehensive specialized company operates in the fields of outdoor and indoor advertising companies as well as events organizing, publications, gift items production and websites settings. The company teamwork’s reaches a well-known clients and audiences across the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region through billboards, digital billboards, and other promotional methods. Zedco is always keen to follow up the common values of business to achieve its works depending on a well design quality control line.

Zedco scope of services

Includes: public relations campaigns, events organizing, gift items designing and production, graphics, websites designing and administrating, marketing, adds campaigns as well as distribution and subscriptions.

Zedco is working with a wide range of clients

Including public enterprises, private companies, hotels, airlines agencies, shopping malls and education bodies. We design and develop industry leading web-based solutions, brand & print, company content and smart marketing solutions. Our company is there to assist and create interesting and strong projects. Our Agency employs high qualified experts: stylists, photographers, camera operators, graphic artists. We are hip and up-to-date and yet we can always adjust to the particular target group language and expectations.
At our disposal, we have a collection of instruments of mass persuasion that we employ in favour of your brand.
We will consult with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals (which is just a fancy way of saying, we like to know everything about you before we come up with ideas

We are one of the very few agencies in the region to offer end-to-end media solutions under one roof.