• Zedco Advertising

    Comprehensive specialized company founded in 2004 , operates in outdoor and indoor advertising solutions

    Advertising Companies .

    Events organizing, publications, gift items production, websites settings and more.

    Zedco Teamwork’s.

    Reaches  a well-known clients and audiences across the UAE and other countries in the region

    Scope Of Services

    Includes: public relations,events organizing, gift items, graphics, websites, marketing and more.

    More About Us!

  • Why Zedco Advertising?

    Always follow up our business common values to achieve its works, depending on design quality control line.

    Dealers Satisfaction.

    Provide high-tech and modern solutions that answer all the market's needs.

    End user Satisfaction.

    Services researches and studies to insure a total solution for the end user.

    Zedco Solutions.

    Consulting with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals to come up with your ideas

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  • End-to-end media solutions

    One of the very few agencies in the region to offer end-to-end media solutions under one roof.

    Events Management.

    Not just fireworks, stage, lighting or sound – but components fitting together in perfect harmony.

    Creative & Branding.

    Begins with mapped out strategy and creativity, to jointly gives the best returns per budget.

    Visual Services.

    Seeing is believing, and our in-house audio visual services must be seen to be believed.

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